Permanent residence permit in Ukraine

International consulting company Elionorum provides opportunity to issue permanent residence permit in Ukraine for non-residents of Ukraine, who wants officially and on legal base stay in Ukraine. Elionorum consulting company separate in individual segment of activity providing services of successful registration of documentation: registration of invitations in Ukraine, permissions for immigration and temporary or permanent residence permit for citizenship for foreigners and persons without citizenship.

Elionorum consulting company provides successful legalization of foreigners in Ukraine and guarantee qualified representative, law and consulting services on all phases of execution of clients documents. We established mechanism of qualified maintenance during procedure of getting permission for residence in Ukraine and our specialists independently eliminate all nuances and difficulties with your minimum interference.

Permanent residence permit – is document that allow foreigner legally stay in Ukraine, to work and study, to marry, implement all long time goals and settle down in Ukraine. Acquisition document of permanent resident of Ukraine makes you equal with ukrainian citizenship (except obvious unavailable for non-resident right to vote and be elected in authorities). Permanent place of living guarantee recognition of the legitimacy of your legal status in Ukraine and protection of your rights and freedoms by state.

For formalization permanent residence permit, foreigner must provide legal grounds for necessity for staying in Ukraine for indefinite period. Ukrainian legislation consider that marriage with  ukrainian citizen, continuously staying in Ukraine during 5 years or renewal family with ukrainian citizen or foreigner that stay in Ukraine on legitimate ground weighty enough for obtaining permanent residence. On each separate category of petitioner of permanent resident permit it’s necessary to provide individual, literate and full package of documents, to issue it correct and to apply to Migration service of Ukraine. You can independently communicate with government services and make search and preparation of all necessary documents or to charge the solution of this questions experienced lawyers of international consulting company Elionorum.

Team of experts in sphere of Migration law qualified lobbying your interests in Migration service of Ukraine and guarantee high quality of our services.

Partnership with Elionorum company require necessarily signing agreement with both sides and also strict implementation all norms of Ukrainian law. We work only within the legal framework. Our lawyers ready overall provide, protect and lobby your interests if you issue authorization form. In carrying out these simple requirements we guarantee you literacy of providing our activity and quality of getting result.