Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

Elionorum company provides consulting, law and representation services during process of execution and receiving temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

Due to big successful practice in the scope of Migration law, our experts are well acquainted with procedures of legalization of foreigners in Ukraine. We accumulate great experience in getting permits of temporary residents for non-residents in Ukraine. We thoroughly studied all bureaucratic difficulties of process and accordingly to this we worked out effective ways of its elimination.

Temporary residence permit, that permit citizen of other country or stateless person stay on the territory of Ukraine for long period – more than 90 days in half year. More often residence permit is given for 1 year with opportunity of annual extension. While extension residence permit you need to prove documentary that your grounds for long time staying in Ukraine is still of current interest. If documents appeared to be correct and official and you didn’t break the law of Ukraine during time of you staying in Ukraine, residence permit will be prolong for one more year.

Registration of temporary residence will provide right for you and your family to live, study and work in Ukraine on legal basis. It’s not necessary for you to stay in Ukraine all the time, you have all rights to travel in the country of which your citizenship and you will not become tax residence of Ukraine and it’s additional financial benefit.

Residence permit in Ukraine will provide for you majorities rights of citizen of Ukraine and will protect you from different difficulties associated with unofficial residence.

Contacting us for help in getting residence permit in Ukraine, you will provide yourself with professional help and best result as process of execution of your documents is completely under our experts control and we independently follow the implementation of every phase of obtaining your residence permit in Ukraine. In this way Elionorum company takes responsibility for the work done and we can guarantee quality of provided services.

Consulting company Elionorum always interested in reaching goals and providing interests of client, because our long time goal – to see you as our regular client and to help you and your close in the process of legalization on the territory of Ukraine or in solution another law questions.

Choosing our company like your partner for successful legalization in Ukraine, you find reliable partner in solution of all emerging law issues.