Citizenship of Australia

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM, for maximizing providing goals of clients, picked out  to separate branch of its activities providing of qualified migration services in direction to Australia and New Zeeland. We ensure stepwise assistance of all processes of legalization of Ukrainian citizens and non-residents on the territory of Australia by our certified migration consultants and agents. Consulting Company ELIONORUM offers to everybody who wants legally stay in Australia to obtain an Australian citizenship and passport of the citizen of Australia.

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM successfully assists cases of citizens of Ukraine and non-residence of the country, who aspires to obtaining of a new Australian citizenship instead of Ukrainian.

We provides complex of services on legalization in Australia and control every step on the way to obtaining of passport of the citizen of Australia, also if you have such a need, we can help you in a partial solution of incoming questions, to provide selective consultation and help in details and nuances of procedure you are interesting in.

Corrective, quality and uniqueness of our consulting help consists in high professionalism of every employee of the company ELIONORUM, responsibility, sense of purpose and experience of our experts of migration and corporative law.

Process of obtaining citizenship of Australia differs from similar in another countries by its uncertainty and variability.

There is no one fixed period necessary for living in Australia by permanent residence permit, which could allow immigrant to request citizenship.

For every subcategory of visa of permanent resident established individual conditions to the quantity years of living and working in Australia, to allowed periods of absence in the country.

Also, every candidate must have good reputation ( means absence of conviction), positive characteristics and successes in that branch which is the reason of issuance of permanent residence. For example, employers, which are develop their own business in Australia, must demonstrate level of income, quantity of created workplaces, characteristics of producing products (preferably to produce products that Australia imported from other countries at past) etc.

A lot of factors, that influence on conditions of process, and different details, that is necessary to take into account while planning course of legalization of your law status in Australia, significantly complicates procedure of obtaining new passport and new citizenship.

For these objective reasons, International Consulting Company ELIONORUM offers assistance of the team of qualified specialists, for simplification enough search necessary for you variant of solving the acting and solving the issue.

Our successful experience in realization of process of legalization of immigrants in Australia and obtaining citizenship for them allows us to guarantee positive outcome of the decision your issues and maximizing achievement of all your long-term intentions.