Immigration to Ukraine

International consulting company “Elionorum” offers to everybody, who wants to live in Ukraine officially, to have all approved documents and full legal status, the ability of using advantages of our qualified support for the realization of successful legalization on the territory of Ukraine.

Specialized direction of our activity is guaranteed quality juridical and consulting support of foreigners while getting of a residence permit and residence of Ukraine, citizens of Ukraine while registration and obtaining various documents and solving bureaucratic issues in government institutes of Ukraine.

Securing official legal status of foreigner in Ukraine – long procedure, which is making beforehand on realizing  all of the established by Ukrainian legislation requirements and collection all of the necessary documents for the confirmation of presence all of legal basis having by foreigner for immigration to Ukraine.

As it’s not enough to have only еру will to become an Ukrainian resident in accordance to our law, so for getting rights for residence in Ukraine every foreigner must have valid arguments and intelligently prove it by documents.

Besides, it’s necessary prove positive reputation of foreigner, absence of illnesses, previous conviction, the likelihood of its appeal for payments to the funds of social support, etc.

The process “immigration” means getting long-Ukrainian visas (for citizens of those countries with which Ukraine has not concluded a special international agreement), then the acquisition of temporary resident status, annual correcting of its extension, and upon the occurrence of the right moment – receiving a permit for immigration and permanent residence, and in the end foreigner will have an opportunity to apply for citizenship.

A team of professional lawyers, consultants and lobbyists of the company Elionorum, who has wide practice in supporting foreigners and specialized in sphere of immigration to Ukraine, organizes constructive system of supporting of non-residents Ukraine and are ready to help to every client intelligent and in shortest period to issue and to receive necessary to client legal status in Ukraine.

Consulting company Elionorum provides services in complex and while performing any of action taking into account long-term goals of client, as we are orientates on long-term cooperation  and supporting foreigners beginning from help in registration of Ukrainian visa ending to obtaining of Ukrainian citizenship.

Cooperation with international consulting company Elionorum can rise even on basis of a formal agreement, and juridical and representative services of our jurists becomes available after registration of notarized power of attorney about right to represent your interests.

Consulting company Elionorum is aimed to simple and comfortable for client solution of his issues about migration in Ukraine, so result of our work always provides gaining all of long-term goals of foreigner and accordance to his expectations.