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International Immigration Law Firm ELIONORUM

We offer you an opportunity to enter into partnership with leading company on international consulting market for successful achievement any of your goals and solving every of your issues.

Company Elionorum provides wide range of services in sphere of legalization of non-residents and citizens of Ukraine in more than 30 countries worldwide, specializes in accelerating of procedures of registration and getting various documents in Ukraine, provides legality and quality registration of business, registration offshores, obtaining licenses both in Ukraine and abroad.

About company ElionorumOur clients are individual and juridical entities, foreigners, stateless persons and citizens of Ukraine, who going to develop legal and formal prosperity in Ukraine and Europe.

Company Elionorum differ with sufficiently wide sphere of specialization, what allows us assistance our client while performing any of operations which are related to Migration and Corporate Law.

Once made contact with our specialist you for long years provides yourself with trusted adviser and expert in sphere of legalization individual and juridical entities.

Our telephone number in your note book – is guarantee of successful solving juridical and bureaucratic issues in shortest period of time.

Be calm and be sure in success of your actions and plans, because help of our specialists is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Experience and qualification of ours experts impossible to put under doubt, because hundreds of successful services, years of successful practice and thousands of happy clients have formed impeccable reputation of our team and our company.

Sphere of specialization of company Elionorum includes services of legalization of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine- our experts with pleasure will help you to find the status of legal immigrant in Ukraine and get all of the permits. Also our experts help citizens of Ukraine in formal way live in Kiev and regional centers by registration in the prescribed way official residence.

We provides everybody who want qualified and correct consultation in question of immigration to Europe, obtaining Schengen visa, residence permit and citizenship in one of EU countries.

If you want accelerate or simplify registration process for individual or juridical entities in Ukrainem you also can resort to help of our experts in juridical sphere.

Besides for us will be not difficult to register enterprise in Europe, USA, or Canada. Even if you need help in registration of investment in Ukraine or Europe or if you want register offshores – consulting company Elionorum guarantees you quality execution of services and strict confidentiality of the information we collect.

Deep knowledge in practical achievement of successful result in sphere of consulting, dedication, perseverance every collaborator of our company and principle of strict accordance to International and Ukrainian legislation is the success and long-term prosperity of the company “Elionorum.”

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