Permanent residence permit in Australia

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM for maximizing of providing goals of client, allocate to separate area of its activities the providing qualified migration services in direction of Australia and New Zeeland. We provides stepwise assistance at all processes of legalization citizens of Ukraine and non-residents on the territory of Australia by our certificated migration consultants and agents.

Consulting company ELIONORUM provides to everybody, who wish to stay on the territory of Australia legally for long period, to obtain permanent residence permit in Australia.

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM, thanks to to sufficient resources and opportunities, opens to citizens of Ukraine and foreigners borders of most leading world countries.

Thus, with our help, for you can be available for free entering or permanent residence 28 countries of European Union, USA, Canada and Australia.

There are list of categories of applicants, which have possibility (in case of compliance to all of established criteria and preparation of right package of documents) to become an owner of permanent resident visa of Australia.

Migration Legislation of Australia allows to avoid long-term process, which is in Europe, of waiting of permanent residence permit . For this it is necessary to prove your high qualification, rich experience of work, good finance condition, and the main – favorable influence, that you can use for development of Australia.

After obtaining of residence permit, you opens Australian borders for all your family.

You can officially work, your children can study, and all family will have the right for government medical servicing, and the main point – will have right for applying for obtaining citizenship already in several years of your permanent residence and work in Australia.

Migration system of Australia is built loyally enough, and, in theory, most of us have rights for obtaining permanent residence permit. But at practice there is following to all of requirements becomes more laborious, and a lot of applicants receives refusal because of uncorrected data filling of one of numerous forms, shortage of provable documents or even because of mistakenness  choosing of visa category, that is happens often enough. 

If you definetly going to make from Australia the country of your permanent residence, the assistance of professional is absolutely necessary for shunning of presence of fatal errors in the process of registration  documents for legalization.

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM offers you assistance of certain team of leading jurists and consultants, our experience and wide theoretical and practical knowledges of migration legislation  and it guarantees quality of all providing services and consultations.  

Services of Consulting Company ELIONORUM becomes to be available for every person, who wishes legally live in Australia, after signing contract, registration notarized of authority for representing your interests by jurists of the company and after making the contractual prepayment, after this first of all you obtain complete consultation with definition of way of obtaining of necessary for you status.

After developing by our consultants, with cooperation of migration agents in Australia, full strategy of obtaining for you permanent residence permit, jurists of Consulting Company ELIONORUM will take care of the process of collecting, preparing and applying of obligatory and necessary documents.

In our company you will always find scrupulous attitude to your interests, official and clear performing of actions and providing consultations, and in addition is pleasant service. The company ELIONORUM has developed full complex of services in such way, that the process of obtaining permanent resident visa for you goes in most comfortable way, officially and legally.