Registration of biometric passport for travelling abroad

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM provides qualified assistance in solving list of juristic and bureaucratic issues, specifically we assist clients in process of registration documentation on the territory of Ukraine, obtaining of passport, of taxpayer identification number, vehicle registration and obtaining of car numbers etc. 

A lot of routine issues and work actions, related to keeping dialog with Ukrainian official workers, are solved pleasant, comfortable, quickly and effective, with cooperation of experienced workers of Consulting Company ELIONORUM.

We offers competent lobbying of clients interests in process of solving most of issues in any government institutions of Ukraine.

Actual offer of the Company ELIONORUM is registration of biometric passport.

Procedure of registration and issuance biometrical passport for departure abroad started from 12 of January, 2015.

For today there are a lot of nuances and flaws, which are unpleasant and difficult for the person in process of filing the documents and registration of the passport.

Only several points reception of documents are effective, and number of wishing to apply documents excessively more than departments which have possibility to accept it.

Thus, arises a need for effective help for simplifying procedure of applying documents for obtaining biometrical passport, which can offer you experts of International Consulting Company ELIONORUM.

If you wish to delegate an execution of bureaucratic procedures to educated and experienced jurists to obtain biometrical passport strict and in time of that you need and wherein do not spend your time in queue of acceptation of documents.

Consulting Company ELIONORUM will help you. We are ready to simplify maximally the process obtaining passport of new sample for you in such a way that you spent not more one hour and get result that you wished.

The documents you need for registration of biometrical passport with assistance of our jurists:

  1. Original sample of internal passport;
  2. Original sample of taxpayer Taxpayer Identification Number

About another nuance will care our specialists.

Formation of effective and correct system of registration and issuance of biometrical passports is the last condition for cancellation of visa from European side for Ukraine.

When visa will be not necessary for entry the Schengen zone the only one condition for crossing the European boars will be presence of biometrical passport at citizen of Ukraine.

Besides, international passport of strict sample will be canceled and everybody should be to substitute it.

To avoid excessive agiotage in future on obtaining international passport of new sample you can use our support for comfortable obtaining of document right today.

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM offers you quality and always responsible assistance and in addition provides pleasant and comfortable services.

Turning to us you relieve yourselves from need of having to ever own dialog with bureaucratic problems, and you will always receive the best advice and effective solving of any issue.


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