Citizenship in Europe

International consulting company “Elionorum” offers you the opportunity to obtain citizenship of the European Union legally and with the full range of rights of European citizens. With European passport you are traveling freely in the countries outside the EU, as well you are available for an additional 120 Visa Waiver countries (this is Australia, the USA, Japan, Mexico, and others). In addition, you should take into account the entitlement to work, education and business in any European country, along with the opportunity to live in the territory of any European country indeterminately. Also, European citizenship will provide you with the entitlement to reside in the country with the highest standards of health care and insurance, trustable institutes of marriage and family, and high level of social welfare and the guaranteed protection of human’s entitlements.

Citizenship of the European Union has undeniable advantages, thanks to which about thousands people, who want  to immigrate, are wishing to gain the status of such Citizenship.  But not so many people realize that to gain such an important status cannot be easy and simple indeed, because all European countries control increase in the flow of immigrants in strict legal restrictions and modifications permanent migration law way. Thus, to obtain citizenship of any country in Europe in easy and cheap way is absolutely impossible, and the only possible legal option way of gaining Citizenship is to follow the European laws and to prepare of proper and formal set of documents.

In every country of the European Union, there are special ways of gaining citizenship, they can be divided into two groups:

  1. Naturalization
  2. Repatriation (recovery of citizenship)

The naturalization process in Europe usually takes 10 years. For beginning  it must issue a residence permission stratus, which is renewed annually. After living in the country with temporary resident status about 5 years, you have a legitimate reason to apply for permanent residence. In  5 years of living with the status of permanent resident (in the UK after 1 year) You are eligible to apply for citizenship, confirming the specific tests and procedures your deep knowledge of the language and traditions of your country of residence. After that, you become the happy owner of a European passport. Also, there are special circumstances that form the category of immigrants who are able to reduce the period of compulsory residence in the country to obtain citizenship, such as, marriage to a citizen of the country, or the need for family reunification, for example.

Knowledge of all the intricacies of the process of obtaining documents for legalization in Europe and the proper use of experience in dealing with questions coming form the basis for a successful migration to the EU. If you have entered into partnerships with leading professionals in the sphere of migration, you have secured yourself a reliable support at all stages of the individually designed plan about legalization of you and your family in Europe.

Repatriation is a process of recovery of citizenship on the basis of ethnicity. Similar programs operate in most European countries. For gaining citizenship on the basis of repatriation you must provide proof of kinship with the citizens of the country of destination, or with persons who have ever lived permanently in this country. Such evidence can be as birth certificate of your relatives if they confirm membership in European citizenship or residence on ethnic territory.

International consulting company “Elionorum” guarantees professional juridical  support and consulting assistance in the planning and realization of your immigration to the EU for permanent residence. Our experienced staff will provide you with competent service and competent advice in the design of a residence permit and citizenship of the European Union. Use our successful experience in providing the citizens of Ukraine, and also non-resident documents for legal residence in Europe for a comfortable and competent obtain citizenship of one of the European countries.