Permanent residence permit in Europe

International consulting company “Elionorum” has developed a range of services for Ukrainians and non-residents about legalizing on the territory of the European Union. Our cooperation starts from assistance in obtaining a visa to Europe till the very obtaining citizenship of the European Union. Consulting company “Elionorum” provides  full support  at all stages of legalization and obtaining residence for our client. Experts on Immigration law by themselves are supervising the process of migration to Europe and realizing the plan, we have created, about fixing your legal status in one of the European countries and this way they solves all incoming issues and provides a solution of any juridical nuances.

If you want to stay on the territory of a definite country for more than 90 days in one half-year period, you should perform permission residence in the country. Getting a permanent residence permission ,  opposite to simple visa, will allow you to realize the long-term goals, like develope your own business, or  find a high-payed job and settling down with your family in a high social standards country.

Residence permission is usually issued for one year, keeping the possibility of further annual prolongation till 5 years. After 5 years of living by permission residence, you are getting the right to registrate permanent residence. In each country, this procedure has its own characteristics. If you have received permanent residence, you have almost all the rights of a citizen of the country, except the right to vote and to be elected to the government. However, the rights for state medical insurance, for social welfare and opportunities to obtain residence permissions for your family enough for happy life and  for becoming successful in Europe.

If you decide to migrate to a country with a high standard of living, you should know that getting a permanent residence permission in Europe is very difficult. You should be ready for long and laborious process of paperwork. European countries have cautious approach to immigrations, at same time constantly tightening the conditions for obtaining the residence permission and carefully checks each candidate document. In addition, it will be difficult for you to prove by documents the presence of legal basis for residence permission by yourself, if you want to make it by yourself.

But, you are very lucky, because the international consulting company “Elionorum” is correctly approaching to the issue of legalization in Europe and will prepare a strategy for individual registration and obtaining permanent residence permission in the European Union. With the support of our qualified lawyers your efforts and costs in the process of paperwork is minimized. Cooperating to us, you are guaranteed avoiding juridical difficulties while  preparation of documents, because our experienced lawyers and consultants accompany you at all stages of your legalization in Europe.

After signing the contract with our company and registration of notarized power of attorney on the name of our lawyers, you enter into reliable and responsible partnerships with leading consulting company of the international level and provide yourself with confidence in the success of your migration to one of the European countries.