Visa to Ukraine

 International Consulting Company ELIONORUM provides full range of services on legalization of foreigners – citizens of any country and stateless persons – in Ukraine.

Consulting Company ELIONORUM offers you to use assistance of experts in sphere of Migration Law for providing successful realization long-term goals of foreigners of Ukraine. 

We help all non-residents of Ukraine who wants to live in Ukraine in official way, in process of legalization their law status and our specialists controls all stages of preparing documents.

Correct cooperation of Consulting Company ELIONORUM is advantageous to use as while preparation of documents for obtaining visa to Ukraine, as while organization of registration of Ukrainian citizenship process.

Consulting Company ELIONORUM provides an opportunity to use assistance of experienced migration consultants for successful registration and getting visa to Ukraine.

For getting entering permit to Ukraine, foreigner must bring to consular representation of Ukraine in their country full and correctly formed pack of documents to prove goal and conditions of planned staying in Ukraine.

Our company offers to simplify the process of collecting and preparing documents by cooperation with our consultants, who has widespread experience in sphere of migration law in Ukraine.

The main document for getting visa to Ukraine is proving of a goal of trip and on it depends term and type of obtained visa.

With invitation to Ukraine from friend, relative or juridical entities foreigner can pretend on visa of C type, which will allow him to stay on the territory of Ukraine to 90 days in half-year period and envisage temporary visit without possibility to register residence permit.

If you have employment permit  is registered correctly through government institution, foreigner has all chances to obtain long-term visa of D type, which allows to register documents for permanent residence permit in Ukraine in 45 days after entering Ukraine.

Registration of an evidence of goal of your trip can not fully guarantee an obtaining visa, because there are many another unknown nuances, which mainly influence on the decision of Consul.

Our specialists ensures correct fulfill all of necessary documents and consults client in question of right and necessary actions on every stage of obtaining visa.

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM has widespread experience in preparing documents of the client for obtaining visa and uses rich successful practice in obtaining permission to enter and residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners.

It’s in our abilities to help you to obtain Ukrainian visa in comfortable and simple way, and our specialists will care of quickness and easiness of solving all of possible problems.