Immigration permit in Ukraine

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM provides full range of services on legalization of foreigners – of citizens of all countries and stateless persons – in Ukraine. We support and consult our clients at all stages their migration to Ukraine, starting from registration of invitation for obtaining visa to Ukraine and ending to obtaining citizenship of Ukraine.

One from our services  is registration and obtaining for you permission for immigration to Ukraine.

Consulting Company ELIONORUM provide every client with correct consulting, juridical and representative services while registration for non-residents of Ukraine, immigration permit and, with serious features and powerful resources, offers you to use our help in the process of obtaining your documents for legalization.

Registration of immigration permit is necessary for foreigner, who aspires to obtain permanent residence permit in Ukraine and also Ukrainian citizenship, and without presence of this document the future stages of legalization of non-residents in country becomes unavailable.

Migration services of Ukraine or Consular Government is responsible for issuing immigration permits, and period of reviewing of application can be prolonged for 1 year, and in real it can take much more time.

Legislation of Ukraine establishes certain categories of foreigners, which have possibility to obtain immigration permit in Ukraine, and also restricts quantity of possible approved applications by quotas for each of these categories.

For some of the categories the quotas sets on zero level already for several years, thus its impossible to immigrate to Ukraine in status of high-qualified specialist in particular sector.

But also there are categories of foreigners, immigration them to Ukraine goes outside established quotas and to immigrate in status of husband of citizen of Ukraine is more possible.

You can by yourself prepare full package of documents and submit an application to corresponding public institution or you can delegate solving of this issues to experts of Consulting Company ELIONORUM, and this decision will accelerate the process of consideration of the case and significantly reduce the probability of failure.

Cooperation with the Company ELIONORUM is possible only after signing of formal bilateral agreement and making agreed payment.

Also compulsory condition of our work is the accordance Ukrainian law and the legitimacy of any actions.

Asking for help to Consulting Company ELIONORUM you provides yourself with reliable support and skillful help of leading professionals in sphere of migration and law. Accordingly obtaining of migration permit becomes easily manageable issue, the success of solving it guaranteed by our impeccable reputation.