Invitation to Ukraine

Consulting Company ELIONORUM issues invitations to Ukraine for citizens of any country and persons of any nationality.

If you want to issue private invitation for friend or relative from another country we will provide you qualified services and will help you to prepare all of documents correctly, and simplify communication with government.

If you have not possibility to issue invitation by yourself, we will help you to solve this problem within the law and to invite your friend to Ukraine.

Invitation from Ukrainian company or from citizen of Ukraine is the main document for obtaining visa to Ukraine.

Invitation is given by the territorial branch of State Migration Service of Ukraine, based on the application from individual or juridical entities.

It’s necessary to indicate in the application the goal of the visit of foreigner and prove that side who invites must provide finances for the opposite side, and necessarily to prove its ability of paying with the relevant documents.

That sum, which you have on your bank account is main criterion which determines period of permission of staying foreigner on the territory of Ukraine.

 The cost of an invitation to Ukraine


Terms of registration


Private invitation to Ukraine

5 working days


Business invitation to Ukraine

5 working days



Consulting Company ELIONORUM helps and supports its clients in the period of legalization  in Ukraine and Europe, and registration of invitation to Ukraine is the first step for foreigner on the way to the legal and formal permanent residence in Ukraine or in Europe.

We consult our clients correct about juridical nuances in process of registration of necessary documents for traveling abroad and entrance to Ukraine.

Term of invitation registration can range between 10 and 20 days.

To issue invitation to Ukraine for your friend or relative by our company you must use your passport, passport of the person that you invite, the document of presence enough account in bank and notarization of power of attorney to our lawyers.