Ukrainian citizenship

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM provides non-residents of Ukraine with full juridical assistance and qualified consulting support while registration of documents of Ukrainian citizenship and getting of Ukrainian passport.

Consulting Company ELIONORUM uses exclusive opportunities for development and realization effective and unique methods of legalization of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine and providing full complex of services of fixation of status legal immigrant and obtaining permits for residence in Ukraine for non-residence.

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM guarantees you a pleasant service, besides also correct help in questions of obtaining your new Ukrainian citizenship.

The most profitable way of solving your issues is to give it away to the team of experts in sphere of consulting – broad specialists – jurists, consultants, lawyers, analytics and lobbyists. Our professionalism, responsibility and dedication – guarantee of full lobbying your interests in all instances and ensure of realization of your goals.

Obtaining of Ukrainian citizenship will complete long-term process of your legalization in Ukraine and finally it will fully equalize your rights with your new fellow citizens.

Same time with obtaining Ukrainian passport you will get the right of expressing your political position in the Ukrainian elections and also by yourself offer your candidacy for public authorities.

Although residence permit, even permanent, is permit for residence and acceptance of all your rights and rights and liberties, but it also in certain cases can be canceled, and you can lose all privileges and be deported to your citizenship country.

And status of citizenship of Ukraine impossible to be deprive by force, and it is clearly stated in the Ukrainian legislation and regulated by the competent authorities.

Another one important advantage of status of citizen, but not immigrant, nowadays is its heredity – when you are obtaining citizenship today you guarantee to your descendants an official legal status of citizen and you make great contribution to their future.

Decision of approve an application for citizenship of Ukraine make responsible Commission from the President of Ukraine, but the outcome of reviewing your case  by commission can have only recommendable character, and final decision can make only President and only he have right of signing of decree of acceptation you to citizenship of Ukraine.

Thus the only one guarantied way of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship – is cooperating with competent professional, who can correctly register comprehensive and persuasive documents and will act straightly according to law ensure maximum your interests.

Successful practice of Consulting Company ELIONORUM in question of working on documents and legalization of foreigners, experience and professionalism of our team, persuasion to gaining best results and goals can guarantee you full execution of your requirements, and moreover provides you with reliable long-term cooperation with leading international company.

Signing of bilateral international contract – is obligatory condition of cooperation with Consulting Company ELIONORUM.

We acts straightly in accordance to legislation of Ukraine and guarantee absolute  legitimacy of our work.