Registration of foreign investments in Ukraine

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM provides qualified juridical, consulting and representative services for individual and juridical entities at time of registration of actually carried and planned foreign investment to economics of Ukraine through relevant government institutions for maximizing providing rights of investor and obtaining additional benefits from government.

Consulting Company ELIONORUM successfully acts on the market of international consulting and provides qualified help in process of formal registration any of forms and types of foreign investment in shortest time.

We provides our clients with correct and full consultation in question of rights, liberties, benefits and privileges, which becomes available to owner of registered investment, and also about procedure of registration, of its duration, requirements and nuances. 

Experts in sphere of Corporative Law have the enough practical experience of registration of foreign investment and they very well familiarized with all of theoretic aspects of Ukrainian legislation, which regulates this process. Thus to help you with correct advise and high-qualified lobbying your interests to simplify for you process of conversations with government workers and issuing of bureaucratic papers – is simple and easily achievable goal for team of professionals of Consulting Company ELIONORUM.

If you enough value your own time and forces, to delegate routine worries to experienced specialist and to not learn legislation of Ukraine in search of necessary for you information the best choice will be request in International Consulting Company ELIONORUM, where the specialists with pleasure will help you and will give you advise about method of solving your problem.

Cooperation with Consulting Company ELIONORUM can goes on only after signing of contract with client, after making stipulated beforehand prepayment and registration of notarized power of attorney on name of our jurists for legal representation of your interests in government institutes. After following these simple requirements we provides for you full consultation, chooses the most optimal scheme of solving your issue, and then our jurists by themselves, and without your presence, registers your investment in  according to form and type ( financial or material investments to the enterprise, purchase of property movable or real estate, granting intellectual property rights, or cash requirements, and others).

We acts straightly in accordance to legislation of Ukraine and guarantee absolute  legitimacy of our work.