Business registration in Ukraine

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM provides qualified juridical, consulting and representative services for individual and juridical entities, citizens of Ukraine and also non-residents while process of registration and liquidation of companies on the territory of Ukraine. Jurists of Consulting Company ELIONORUM have wide experience in sphere of lobbying client’s interests in all government institutions and registration service, with this they are providing full execution of goals and issues you have posed.

We offer you to use our opportunities and sources for organization simple and comfortable registration of your business in Ukraine.

Complex of Company Elionorum services includes: consulting about all of stages of enterprise registration, choosing form of enterprise’s organization and method of registration in accordance to the requirements and interests of the client, support while collecting and registration necessary documents, lobbying of interests of the client in Ukrainian registration service, obtaining result which is according to requirements of our client.

Our jurists are responsible for full and widespread protecting of your interests at all stages of solving your issues, but only starting from the moment of registration of a notarized power of attorney and signing a bilateral contract with the Company “Elionorum”, because leading principle of our company is strict adherence to the Law of Ukraine.

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM provides you opportunity to choose any organizational and legal form of your future enterprise or organization, and also type of tax: VAT payer or single tax on general basis.

Jurists and consultants of our company will care about realization of notarization of all documents process, registration and obtaining of all copies of statutory documents, registration with the Revenue Service, registration at all funds, manufacturing stamp and opening bank accounts.

With cooperation of our experts, your willing, time and labor costs are minimized and procedure of registration of individual and juristic entities, liquidation and reorganization of enterprise, registration of finance companies, departments and subsidiary foreign and Ukrainian companies becoming comfortable and easy to perform in within the law.

If you turn to the Consulting Company ELIONORUM for qualified juridical assistance at time of organization of your business and in same time you obtain quality support and pleasant services and reliable expert and adviser for years, and he is happy to provide you correct juridical consultation, auditing or financial services for successful development and prosperity of your business in the future.