Registration of Taxpayer Identification Number in Ukraine

International Consulting Company ELIONORUM provides to citizens of Ukraine and for non-residents an opportunity to issue Taxpayer Identification Number without personal presence in tax services and at minimal terms.

Company ELIONORUM provides full complex of juridical, of representative and consulting services for all foreigners, who wants to live in Ukraine on basis of law and Ukrainians who need help in registration of property and business and also obtaining any formal documents.

To prepare a tax number in comfort for you method and faster then on general basis is easy in performance within the law with help of specialists of Company ELIONORUM.

Formation of tax number is necessary to every personal entity, who lives on the territory of Ukraine permanently, to have ability of formal employment, of buying property (registration of the transaction at the notary), registration of individual entrepreneur or juridical entities, participation in the management of the company, opening of bank account etc.

Addressing to the Consulting Company ELIONORUM you guarantied get correct and full consultation in all details of the process of registration Taxpayer Identification Number, full juridical support on the stage of preparing of documents and representative services while registration of identification tax number directly in the territorial bodies of the Ministry of income and fees of Ukraine or the district office Tax Inspectorate.

Thus, TIN obtaining occurs without personal presence of client but necessary in registration of notarized power of attorney for the lawyers  of our company representing the interests of the client.

Also the necessary and main conditions of work with our company are the signing contract about providing services and mutual adherence to the norms of the Ukrainian legislation.

If you are execute all of conditions of cooperation with Consulting Company ELIONORUM you obtains pleasant services and high-quality execution of order and in addition you are acquiring reliable partner  and adviser in all juridical issues.

Our abilities in combination with wide successful experience of our experts allows us to issue tax individual number  even for foreigner without residence permit in Ukraine, what allows foreigner to engage entrepreneurship on the territory of Ukraine or obtain a permit for employment in Ukraine ( which in the future opens way for obtaining certificate of residence permit and citizenship of Ukraine). Widespread knowledge in sphere of migration and basis of successful practice of Consulting Company ELIONORUM in legalization of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine allows us to take in account all of goals and objectives of our clients and of course to provide its realization. 

Also, if you are citizen of Ukraine and you need at first to issue Taxpayer Identification Number or recover lost, and you have not enough time for waiting of obtaining of document for several weeks, Consulting Company ELIONORUM will care about solving this problem accordance to your interests and goals.